Campaign Seed

There exist four suits of Great Armor, each one corresponding to one pole of alignment (Law, Chaos, Good, Evil) and is usable only by someone with that alignment. The cataclysm unearthed the Great Armors of Chaos and Evil and both have been taken by a cult dedicated to a Chaotic Evil deity.

Great Armor

+10 AC/+1 Dex/-9 Armor Check. Wearer is treated as Large Size taking a -1 penalty to attacks and AC and gains an enhancement bonus of +8 STR and +3 CON. The Great Armor Bestows its wearer with 100 bonus HP. Great Armors allow the wearer to use large sized weapons without penalty and have a natural slam attack that deal 1d8+STR damage. Additionally each armor causes one point of constitution damage upon the wearer every hour it is worn (no save). This damage occurs as soon as the armor is first donned and at the beginning of each subsequent hour.

The Great Armor of Law is armed with a Long Sword (2d6) and Heavy Shield

The Great Armor of Chaos is armed with a Great Axe (3d6)

The Great Armor of Good is armed with a Mace and Light Shield (2d6)

The Great Armor of Evil is armed with a Flail and a Heavy Shield (2d6)

It is unknown the location of the armors of Law and Good, perhaps they were destroyed long ago or they may reside in the private collection of a Lord.  The power of the Great Armor is such that just one can destroy armies and it is nearly impossible to battle one without another Great Armor.


~ by katallos on September 21, 2009.

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