An interesting way to handle PC death

Adventuring is dangerous work and sometimes our beloved heroes pay the ultimate price in their quest for glory; of course sometimes they just roll a 1 on a jump check and plummet ingloriously to their deaths. Tough luck, bad rolls happen, roll up another character. Zzarchov proposes another way to bid farewell to a fallen character Here in his blog Unofficial Games: Run a one-shot adventure chronicling that character’s passage onto the afterlife.

I think that this is a great way to ease the pain of losing a character that someone has spent a great deal of time working on. Making the character’s starting gear in the afterlife be related to the conditions of his burial also makes the other PCs more likely to care for the body rather than just looting it and move on, this adds a lot more realism to the campaign as other characters will mourn the loss of a companion rather than rejoice at that new +3 great sword or cloak of charisma that they just got when Tasnor failed his save.


~ by katallos on September 23, 2009.

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