My experience with 4e

4e has been out for quite a while now and there has been plenty of “edition war” on various forums and between many gaming bloggers, but I still feel the need to throw my dice into the arena and tell the gaming world how I felt about the new D&D. I was initially quite hesitant to play 4e, I didn’t see the need for a new system, and I didn’t like the rumors I was hearing. After the release I was convinced to give it a shot by my usual gaming group. I played a Dragonborn Warlord and was bored to tears as we ran through a dungeon battling various monsters. My selection of “powers” allowed me to grant free melee attacks to my allies who it turns out all went for ranged combat based characters so I was relegated to my basic attack or “I hit it with my sword again” which is a situation 4e promised to prevent. I have played in 3 other 4e games since then, each time playing a different race and class that fit into a different party role and while I was a bit more effective I still didn’t have a great time. Playing a Human Wizard was the least painful experience, using magic missile every round was neat, but it was not much different than “I hit it with my sword.”


~ by katallos on September 24, 2009.

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  1. Personally, I just could never get into 3rd or 3.5 edition dnd. It’s too clunky and there are many classes that are just plain boring. A wizard in 3.5 doing one attack per round, and then hiding for the rest of the battle? No thank you.

    I’m traditionally a wizard player, and 4e completely blew me away with my characters usefulness, not just in every battle, but in the regular dungeon crawling.

    When my wizard died, I decided to go way out of stereotype and go for a tank. The Warden class (4e PHB-2) has a ton of hit points, and lots of abilities that help him defend other players.

    And the beauty of it is, combat is so streamlined now, that I don’t have to sit there scratching my head about figuring out the best thing to do against a creature. The ability to do different types of damage, (i.e. radiant) against several different defenses (AC, reflex, fortitude, etc.) Allow for characters that normally suffer boredom in combat (Bards, anyone? Yawn.)to bring something to the table.

    I genuinely feel bad about your 4e experiences, but I would argue not to give up on it. What we’ve found is that since we don’t worry about a lot of the things that bogged us down in 3.5, we can get back to the REAL reason this game exists: ROLEPLAYING! The level of our character depth, and campaign story arc is amazing to me. And I think 4e is a large part of that success.

    Well met, Katallos, and here’s to your blogging success!

    Bob @ Generation d20.

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