Adventure Seeds

Here are some one sentence scenarios that can make for a stand alone adventure, or even set the tone for a whole campaign:

A treant who is the guardian spirit of the forest, is displeased by a dwarven settlement that has began  logging operations in the region.

A red dragon hatches near a village and overnight has burned it to the ground.

An ogre has preyed upon the village for some time and the residents have had enough and formed a mob to take care of it themselves, damn the consequences.

A group of Ogres has settled near a town and began demanding tribute from the populace. The town guard is powerless to stop them.

A mountain lion is stalking a lonely section of road making travel dangerous.

Late one night a shooting star can be seen, it crashes to earth not far from the PCs camp. The shooting star lands in a lake that is home to a giant crocodile.

A wizard’s journal chronicles his descent into madness.

A retired one-legged adventurer is selling a map showing the location of a great treasure.

Gnoll tribes are uniting under the banner of one powerful leader.


~ by katallos on September 26, 2009.

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