“Adventuring” is not a sustainable economic activity

As a DM one of the tenets that I find very important is that the world yoou create must be believable within its own framework, that is unbelieveable creatures or events may exist so long as they are consistently represented and have an inworld reason for being.  One of the components of a certain fantasy RPG that, from my experience at least, always strains the credibility of its own existence is the “adventurer” specifically the “PC adventurer.”

Adventuring is a destructive process by which characters travel around and kill monsters, loot ancient ruins, and take treasure which is then sold off in the nearest town and the resulting coin spent on bigger better weapons.  Even in games where roleplaying a character is a primary focus PCs rarely create anything, aand when they do it is often just a magical item for their own personal use.

Eventually there will come a time when Adventurers will have looted all the ancient crypts, spent their wealth on +25 thunderstrike vorpal butter knives, and they will have contributed nothing to the world.  They will not leave behind a great accumulation of wealth in some crypt to be looted by future generations, because they don’t plan for burrial only the next super powerful magic item that will help them kill the next super powerful monster.

If PCs could be made to think about building their own kingdoms and the problems that arrise from that it would be much easier to challenge a high level party.  By shifting the focus from the personal to the national level the PC has other things to spend wealth on such as new irrigation systems to help improvee crop yields or 100 suits of full plate and heavy war horses for his elite cavalry division.  PCs would create wealth and dungeons that can be delved in 200 years, rather than leaving nothing but a pretty corpse in 1,000,000 gp armor.


~ by katallos on September 30, 2009.

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