The Story So Far Part 1

On August 7th of this year I began running a 3.5 campaign with the E6 variant rules. I also used a slimmed down skills list and a trained vs untrained mechanic like Star Wars Saga and 4e. So far there have been 7 sessions on a more or less bi-weekly schedule.

Adventure the First: The party met during the summer’s end festival in the seaside metropolis of Greathaven. There was Arandiel the human rogue who had been chosen by Heironeous for greater things, Carric the druid, Urdaan the elf ranger who was raised by dwarves, Leonardo the quarter-ogre swashbuckler looking to make his father proud, Ignacio a charismatic and flamboyant human sorcerer with a draconic heritage, and Alessia the human cleric of Pelor.

The temple of Pelor was ransacked by thugs who were worshipers of Erythnul, the PCs heard the ruckus inside and met as they entered the temple. A battle ensued and the PCs emerged victorious.

Adventure the Second: Following a lead they got from questioning one of the thugs who had been involved in desecrating the temple the PCs decided to investigate the desecration of a shrine dedicated to Fharlanghn on the road between Greathaven and Rilon. As they investigated they came across the village of Branchester which had just been attacked by Gnolls. Alessia healed one of the village’s two guards who was injured while driving off the Gnolls. The party then set out to battle the Gnolls.

The first group of Gnolls was a ruse and their leader attacked the village after the villagers went off with the town guard to attack the decoys. When they returned back to Branchester, the PCs found a massacre. They dealt with the Gnoll leader, a Paladin of Slaughter, and helped the wounded the best they could.

Urdaan and Carric stayed behind as the rest of the party ventured forth to track the Gnolls back to their camp. Upon reaching the camp they found a number of broken wagons and looted goods that the Gnolls had taken from travelers that they waylaid. Also present at the gnoll camp were three donkeys bearing the mark of house Tomil, several malnourished prisoners, and one barbarian, Kyras. (who would be replacing Carric, as the player really wasn’t enjoying being a druid)

Adventure the Third: They decided to attempt to take the donkeys back to the mages of House Tomil in Greathaven before setting out to search for a rumored ruin that the Gnolls might be using as a stronghold. The mages were happy to have their property returned and as a token of gratitude gave the party 4 oils of magic weapon.

Setting off in search of the ruins they passed through Branchester, but Urdaan and Carric decided to stay behind to assist the village in building a wall for protection from future attacks. The party eventually reached the Crossroads Inn and learned of an Orc that has taken over a goblin tribe and threatening the area around the inn. A man named Castin agreed to assist them with the Orc in exchange for a share of any loot found.

They traveled through the woods until they were ambushed by goblins, a brief fight ensued and the goblins were slain. They pushed onwards and found the goblin’s lair where they slew the orc and his goblin warriors. There were a few platinum coins in the orc’s “throne room,” also housed within this lair was a nest of 12 infant goblins which the party decided to take with them and find a good home so that they would not be raised to be evil. They returned to the Crossroads Inn and claimed the bounty on the Orc’s head, split their treasure with Castin and set off back to Greathaven, hoping to spend the night in Branchester and rejoin Urdaan.


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