What was great in 3.5

While reading the comment entries over at Geek’s Dream Girl ‘s win a Pathfinder core book contest, I noticed that virtually all of the entries list multi-classing or wide variety of character options as a favorite part of 3.x D&D. These elements are some of the things that were removed, restricted, or otherwise changed significantly in the 4th edition.

It is interesting to note that Star Wars Saga Edition which is considered a sort of 4e light has virtually no penalty to multi-classing and in many ways encourages it. The modular set of talents and feats that can be taken in almost any order with very few level restrictions make it possible to build an even more unique character than in 3.5. Unfortunately that is one of the changes that WotC completely abandoned in favor of very rigidly defined character classes. Perhaps a better solution would have been to have only 4 classes: striker, defender, controller, and leader then have an incredibly diverse selection of powers that allow for players to play a very customized version of their role so that no two characters would feel at all similar.


~ by katallos on October 10, 2009.

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