My Chaotic Evil Character Part 1

Rigdish “Riggs” Erinak

Riggs is the son of a fierce orc warrior and his human slavegirl who died giving birth. Being slightly smaller and weaker than full blooded orcs, and viewed by his father as the reason a valuable slave perished Riggs’ early life was quite harsh. He endured the beatings, the taunting, and the indignity of processing wild game, a task in his tribe left to women. Still he refused to submit; Riggs developed a strong will and looked for any way to use his superior cunning against his tormentors.

Seeing that he could not win a fight with brawn alone, Riggs began to hone his ability to move quietly and unseen. He took note of anatomy and learned how living things work as he processed carcasses and prepared game; he learned how quickly to disable a limb, and where vital organs are located. Armed with this knowledge he became quite adept at killing from concealment and had turned the tables on the other children in the tribe.

Riggs does not delight in bloodshed or thirst for battle as others of his kind do. He prefers to kill quickly and quietly, and then only when it is more convenient than simply sneaking by undetected.

After leaving the tribe at the age of 12, Riggs came to the city of Arkenfell where he joined a gang of street thugs. A bad job left him to take the fall and he has been in and out of the castle dungeon numerous times since.

Character Goals:
Freedom is Riggs’ primary motivation, having spent his childhood as little more than a slave to the orcs and his adult life in and out of prison, Riggs seeks nothing more than to be able to do with himself as he pleases.

Money is a necessity in this world and as such is of interest to him, though Riggs is not greedy and prefers to travel light, excessive wealth would not be conducive to such.

Game Information:
Riggs is a multi-class Rogue-Fighter, at 7th level he will likely enter the Assassin prestige class.

Str 16 Dex 16 Con 12 Int 12 Wis 14 Cha 7

The DM has my character sheet so I’m not 100% sure of skills, but I know he has ranks in Stealth, Sense Motive, Escape Artist, Disable Device, Perception, and Profession (Butcher)

His primary weapon so far is the short sword, but having just taken a level of fighter and finding a scimitar he will likely adopt the scimitar as his primary weapon.


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