Back to Business as Usual

Looks like my traffic is starting to die back down again, my most popular post is still In response to “Failed Perception”. I never thought that a little non-inflammatory comment on 4e powers would stir up so many people.

I’m currently working on the third and final post about alignments focusing on the good alignments, but I’m having trouble finding anything to say that hasn’t already been said a hundred times before. I’d also like to articulate how a “good” alignment is not necessarily the best alignment for play. This will likely tie into why I dislike the Paladin and Monk classes so much.

Excessive table talk has become an issue with my gaming group, I’m going to attempt to address it this Friday when I run my E6 game. I’ll post on how well it works after the game. Any comments in regards to how I could address this issue would be greatly appreciated.

I ordered a copy of the Pathfinder Core Book on Monday and should hopefully receive it soon; a thorough read-through is needed before I can confidently run a game in that system. From what I have seen in play and brief flips through the book while building my character and getting a feel for what direction I would like to take with regards to advancement.


~ by katallos on October 20, 2009.

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