The Story So Far Part 2

My last post about my 3.5 E6 campaign was a month ago, we’ve had two or three sessions since then and the game has really got going.

On the way back from defeating the orc that had proclaimed himself goblin king the party ran into another group of orcs on the way back to Branchester. Arandiel, the Paladin, fired the first shot and began a battle with the orcs. One by one the PCs fell to the small war band; Leonardo, the quarter-ogre swashbuckler, was slain and the others incapacitated. Luckily for them the orcs decided to patch them back up and sell them into slavery rather than kill them outright.

The PCs found themselves in a wooden holding cell, guarded by gnolls, deep within an ancient fortress that had been long since lost. A daring escape plan was hatched and they managed to rescue several other captives and disrupt a ritual to the dark god Erythnul. They led the villagers back to Rilon where they met the forge master Piers Bendt who thanked them for saving his daughter who was among those rescued. Piers Bendt offered to craft for each party member a masterwork weapon or armor at cost and future purchases will receive a discount.

Winter set in and the PCs decided to stay in Rilon where they ran into Alessia’s brother Allen who was in command of the Rilon town militia and was preparing them to deal with increasing gnoll violence in the area. During maneuvers to the west of town a small gnoll force attacked, but were driven off with minor casualties to the peasant slinger units and the light infantry. After the battle an exhausted runner arrived from Riverton telling of a great gnoll army that had laid seige to the town. The PCs decided to set off to Riverton to help with the siege.

On their way to Riverton they encountered an owlbear in the road. After slaying the beast they noticed that its lair appeared to be in a man-made cavern which turned out to be a tomb. Urdaan, being an elf, noticed several secret doors that led to a small treasure tove including a greatsword of exceptional quality which was promptly claimed by the barbarian Kyras.

As they neared Riverton they encountered several gnoll patrols and managed to destroy 3 catapults before reaching the safety of Riverton’s walls. Once in town they encountered Castin Tikaris, the Warmage whom they had battled the goblins with earlier. Castin, his brother, and a half-orc companion were looking to leave town and had discovered a secret passage near the river.

Coming later this week: The Story So Far Part 3


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