The Story So Far Part 3

After sneaking out of Riverton by way of the secret passage, the party encountered a small gnoll patrol. The gnolls were on the other side of the river and a brief exchange of arrows was had, the gnolls fled after several of their number were slain. After the battle Castin and his group went north west towards the lands of the Broken Tusk orc tribe while the PCs headed east towards the gnoll encampment.

Another encounter with gnolls left the PCs wounded and exhausted, the temperature soon dropped and they were forced to return to Riverton. It was then decided that talking to the town’s mayor, Lady Ginevera, and asking for assistance might be wise.

A few days later the gnoll army began a major offensive at the front of the town, the PCs decided that now would be the time to strike at the leader who would likely be at the now largely empty camp. They were able to get a detachment of 6 town guardsmen to assist with their mission.

They set out and after a few brief battles managed to reach the gnoll camp and confront the chieftain Remror the Deathbringer.

The final battle of the session was amazing, every round was on the verge of TPK. Kyras got dropped 4 or 5 times, but Alessia was able to heal him each time using her wand of cure light. Arandiel nearly died, but a daring dash by Urdaan to deliver a potion prevented the Paladin from reaching -10hp. At the end of the fight all PCs were standing, and only 3 of the towns guard had fallen in battle against 10 standard gnolls, 5 elite gnolls, 5 gnoll warmages, and Remror the fiendish gnoll 3rd level fighter.

A great deal of loot was had and the PCs are now well known heroes in Riverton.


~ by katallos on November 11, 2009.

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