I hope this doesn’t poke that hive again

For quite a while before I began this blog I did a lot of reading of other gaming blogs, and I have read a lot about 4e. Some of it is due to the abundance of people talking about 4e, but a lot of my reading is really searching for that one pearl of wisdom that will finally help me “get it” and understand what is allegedly so great about 4e.

It seems though that the more I read, the less I want to go anywhere near 4e ever again. Even Exalted with its 37 step combat process was more fun. From time to time I have found some interesting traps and terrain ideas, a couple neat ideas for encounters, but for the most part all that good stuff was non-system specific fluff. Far more often are ideas like using a skill challenge to repair a boat that essentially boiled down to fixing the thing with backflips.

Another blog I read a while back suggested using a skill challenge to abstract the battle siege of a city. One of the more illogical actions involved making a covert raid on an enemy encampment and get a success, but it ignored that they could just confront the big bad evil guy then and there rather than waiting until the end of the skill challenge when you ended up fighting him anyway. Failure in this raid resulted in losing a healing surge and getting a failure for the challenge rather than you know getting captured or killed by the whole army that you couldn’t sneak past. The whole thing sounded more like a marginally interactive cut-scene than a fun session of a table top game.

I’ve tried to have an open mind, I’ve played the game, I’ve even attempted to adapt some 4e mechanics such as trained/untrained skills into my other games, but the game just isn’t for me,

Does anyone care to explain to me, without using the standard “well you’re just resisting change” or “you just don’t want to like it” responses what they think is so great about 4e?


~ by katallos on November 18, 2009.

One Response to “I hope this doesn’t poke that hive again”

  1. I can agree with you there. As I have yet to play 4e, I have tried to reserve judgement. I have found many interesting quirks to the game, but the more podcasts I listen to of people playing, and blogs I read, It just seems like a dumbed down version of 3e and 3.5. I do want to give it a shot though.

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