D20 Apocalypse Class: Primal

WordPress doesn’t seem to like textile code so I’ll just link to my Obsidian Portal page for the class: Primal

The class has only six levels because this game, like all others that I run, is using the E6 rules and thus characters are capped at sixth level.

The basic premise of the class is that a Primal is a savage human who is more beast than man and is driven by pure instinct. Kung-fu monks often have animalistic fighting styles such as Crouching Tiger and Serpent Stance, the wasteland Primal also fights in an animalistic way but more along the lines of Rabid Dog and Ravenous Rat. Heightened senses and animal instinct allow the primal to add their wisdom modifier to armor class. Slow fall is essentially “cats always land on their feet.”

It is really surprising just how easily the highly disciplined monk is able to be reflavored into this completely wild feral human class. Since there are no spells in this apocalypse game I took out still mind as it is a useless ability, I then moved evasion down to 3rd level. Ki strike is the only monk aspect that doesn’t fit so I took it out, there will be no damage reduction that can be overcome by magic in my game so it isn’t really a loss either.

One of my players, Denji, created this primal character: Cray. His equipment list isn’t finalized yet, but I believe the abilities, skills, and feats are correct.


~ by katallos on November 25, 2009.

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