Evaluating other Systems

I just got my copy of True 20 Adventure Roleplaying in the other day and after a brief read I am quite impressed. Identifiable at its core is the d20 mechanic which is, in my opinion, the best compromise of realism and playability found in any table top game. Also present is the sense of “story first” that I really liked about Vampire: the Masquerade and other White Wolf titles. I can’t say that I will be running a game under this system anytime soon though as I already have plans for my next game, but I will likely pick up True20 before I pick up another game of D&D or even Pathfinder.

Its really nice to read through other systems, my only real options for games has been D&D or White Wolf’s new World of Darkness (Vampire/Werewolf) and Exalted which I find cumbersome at every turn and not particularly enjoyable. I’ve been stuck in a D&D paradigm for a while, and it is the base to which I compare all other games. When comparing True20 to this standard it seems to hold up quite well, while offering new elements that I think I will enjoy.

Hopefully Mutants and Masterminds will come in soon; I ordered it at the same time as True20, but the seller did not offer combined shipping. I am really looking forward to the superhero genre, it is something that I haven’t experienced before in a game and will almost certainly give me some new ground to cover as both a player and DM. I’ll probably offer a more in depth opinion after reading both books thoroughly.


~ by katallos on December 3, 2009.

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