Mutants and Masterminds 1E

I got my copy of Mutants and Masterminds the other day (I ordered the first edition of the game as it was less than $2 on Amazon, far cheaper than the current second edition book) and immediately sat down to start making preliminary characters with several members of my usual gaming group. I read aloud the basics of power level and points based character creation and together we worked through generating ability scores, skills, feats, powers, etc until each of us had a basic outline of a character. The next evening I decided to sit down and thoroughly read through the book and made some adjustments to my character to better reflect what I had envisioned and to make better use of power points.

Mutants and Masterminds seems to be a pretty fun system; there are plenty of D20 elements, but its classless and uses the same pool of points for everything. Character creation is fun, but can be a little daunting since you start play at level 10 and have lots of points to spend on a wide variety of feats, super powers, extras, flaws, equipment, and skills. Adding to the confusion is the redundancy of some super powers and that multiple powers can be combined into one with a lower power cost than if each had been purchased separately.

All of the pre-made characters seem pretty good and looking at them is useful for readjusting your perspective from a standard d20/D&D mindset. For example most of the pre-made characters have 4-6 points of base attack bonus which being at level 10 gives them the equivalent of Wizard BAB in D&D; hardly what you expect super capable melee combatants to have. Once I read through the book and looked at the pre-mades I had some idea of how many points should go in each category.

I am really looking forward to either playing or running this game. My group seems equally enthused, if you’re looking for a new game and don’t want to spend a whole lot of money you should look into Mutants and Masterminds.


~ by katallos on December 7, 2009.

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  1. This brings me back. I’ve been playing 2e for so long that I really had to think about how characters were made back in 1e. I should go crack open my old book.

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