The Story So Far Part 4

The party has met a powerful wizard named Lendelle who owns a large estate north of Dunforth. She has hired them to go retrieve an artifact that was lost at sea some months ago. In order to aid them on this quest each character has been given a potion of waterbreathing with a 10 hour duration as well as other minor equipment as needed.

They set off towards the coast and along the way encountered a group of dire boars that Ignacio frightened off by casting ghost sound to imitate the calls of wolves, which then attracted wolves to investigate the party’s camp later that night. Luckily clear heads prevailed and combat was avoided. They also encountered the den of an owlbear they had dispatched earlier and more thoroughly explored the tomb contained within. Urdaan claimed for himself a pair of bracers of archery, while Ignacio found some horseshoes of the zephyr which he claimed for his loyal mule Sancho.

Goblins had sacked a halfling caravan and used the bodies of their victims to set a trap for other travelers. The PC’s slew the goblins and Alessia ensured that the halflings were properly laid to rest according to the rites of the church of Pelor. In the caravans was found a beautiful blackstar sapphire worth several hundred GP.

During their stay at the inn in Dunforth a thief attempted to rob the barbarian Kyras in his sleep, but Kyras awoke and attempted to grab the intruder only to be attacked with a blade. Kyras responded by grabbing his great sword and in one motion cut the unlucky halfling in two.

They are now ready to once again head for the coast and recover the treasure that Lendelle desires, they are allowed salvage rights to the rest of the ship and will be paid for their time upon completion of this errand.


~ by katallos on December 12, 2009.

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