Pathfinder RPG Random Encounter Day

Last night I got together with a couple members of my usual gaming group and we ran through some semi-random encounters taking us from 3rd to 6th level. The game system was Pathfinder RPG and the party consisted of a human Fighter who specialized in crossbows, a half-elf bard, and a human monk. After the first two encounters another friend joined us playing a half-orc barbarian.

I said we played semi-random encounters because there was a unifying theme throughout the encounters of the evening and that was draconic creatures.
In the first encounter we fought a group of black kobolds. During this encounter I used my monk’s acrobatics to full effect leaping across a small body of water to quickly engage in melee with the kobolds while avoiding the obvious trap in the center of the room. Later in the fight though I forgot about the obvious trap and fell 10 feet into a spiked pit, luckily sustaining only 4 damage from the fall and completely avoiding the spikes.
The second encounter featured a group of lizardfolk led by a lizard king. This encounter killed the bard and nearly killed my monk.
The last encounter of the night featured more black kobolds and a medium black dragon. At this point the half-orc came in and the dead bard’s player came back with a human two-weapon fighter. Lines of acid were breathed and after a few rounds the kobolds had fallen, the black dragon took a great deal of damage and had a pretty high AC, my monk flurried repeatedly and used ki to gain extra attacks usually only hitting with one. Grapple attempts didn’t go over so well and most of the damage I took in that fight came from the opportunity attacks stemming from my grapple attempts.

All in all the night was a great deal of fun and we blazed through three tough encounters, even managed to get a bit of roleplaying in as our characters made one-liners and we described our heroic efforts in battle. The dragon slain the loot divided we decided to call it for the night.


~ by katallos on December 13, 2009.

One Response to “Pathfinder RPG Random Encounter Day”

  1. Cool. Can’t do that in one evening with 4E. šŸ˜‰

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