On Mutants and Masterminds Character Creation

After a thorough read of the First Edition Mutants and Masterminds core book I must say that I am having so much fun making characters. They feel a lot more organic than d20 characters since they are made up of any combination of abilities based on their point total and power level rather than being a Level X Race Class.

Accounting for all those points, a starting character has 150, can be a bit daunting at first. It took me about 4 hours to get my very first character down, and then I’ve made several revisions as my knowledge of the system and available super powers expanded. This means that lots of prep time is going to be needed for the DM to craft NPCs for the adventure, luckily there are plenty of generic powers like “Blast” that are simply a blast of some energy so you can quickly take fire beam guy and turn him into ice beam guy or lightning beam girl without altering any of the mechanics of the character.

Most of my group has already made characters for whenever I or someone else runs a game and they are looking really cool so far. One player is a spy who can turn into and control the darkness, there is a former thug who has become the literal heart and soul of the city enabling him to know what the city knows and transform into a golem made of concrete and steel, a nerd with a powerful suit of battle armor, the super scientist with the power of the cosmos, and a solder who was murdered and his vengeful ghost has returned to see that those responsible for his death pay.

Villains that I am working on include a Werewolf Luchador, armored law enforcement robots, a Scientist Necromancer, and some ninjas.


~ by katallos on December 14, 2009.

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