D&D E6 PCs with an Army

Looking at the incoming links and search engine referrals to my blog I noticed that people were interested in “d&d e6 pcs with an army.” So I think I will talk about how to handle an army controlled by PCs in an E6 D&D game.

In E6 the leadership feat is essentially useless. Your leadership score under rules as written (RAW) is your level plus charisma mod plus some other modifiers. E6 caps characters at 6th level, which consequently caps magic items and spells so charisma bonuses will tend to be low, by standard D&D terms, as a result.

The best way to handle a PC acquiring a large army is to actually roleplay the gathering of said force. Make a plot point of the PCs signing treaties and making allies who can provide troops. The actual army itself should be composed primarily of average 1st level commoners with padded or leather armor a spear or club and maybe a shield. Commanders should be average warriors of 1st or 2nd level armed with appropriate weapons for the setting, and probably medium armor.

The army itself should not be a major player in encounters, a small strike team may assist the PCs in completing an objective, but the bulk of the army should be handled “off-screen” and fight an abstract enemy army. To simulate the damage each force sustains you can run a simple fight behind the screen between the average soldier in the PCs army vs the average soldier in the enemy army and give each bonus HP and maybe some bonuses to hit and damage based upon the relative size of each army. The damage each sustains is equal to the general damage done to the army.


~ by katallos on December 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “D&D E6 PCs with an Army”

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  2. Bit of a late reply, but here at work and searching for E6 material to read while, well, I don’t work;
    There are a few feats that make leadership rather nice in E6, actually… throw in the fact that wizards won’t simply be able to disintigrate your castle, and you have a pretty nice character concept for a level 6+ character; there’s a series of leadership feats in heroes of battle, each of which grants +1 to your leadership plus a nifty bonus effect (including one that doubles the size of your follower pool, another which increases your cohort’s max level to 5) and there’s a feat in one of the other books (one of the 3.5 Faerun books, I believe) which allows you to add your strength bonus to leadership, on top of charisma. Yes, both books are non-core; however, the feats are general feats, not setting specific, and most GMs would allow them, I figure…
    Sure, roleplaying the army buildup is worthwhile, the gritty realism is what E6 is all about. However, the leadership feat is far from worthless.

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