“Stealing” from your party

When an adventuring party comes across some treasure they often send the rogue in first to check for traps and bypass any security measures preventing access to valuable items. In the Arkenfall Pathfinder game I’m playing in my character is the rogue and while scouting ahead after a battle found a large bit of treasure. So I helped myself to a handful of coins and some gems before letting the rest of the party know that there was loot to be had.

Is it really realistic to have a completely even distribution of loot in an adventuring party? I think not. There is already some degree of inequality due to certain classes being unable to use certain items; a scroll is as useless to a barbarian as a suit of plate armor is to a wizard. I think its perfectly okay for the rogue to palm a small bit from the treasure before it gets divided, if it fits the character.

Now how the rest of the party reacts to having been stolen from is a matter that can cause some party conflict and some interesting decisions. Perhaps the rogue can convince everyone that its a hazard pay because traps can do a lot of damage with only one chance to avoid it, or maybe everyone just accepts that its better to lose a bit of treasure off the top than it is to not have the rogue there to open the box.


~ by katallos on January 11, 2010.

2 Responses to ““Stealing” from your party”

  1. As far as the party is concerned they should be happy they are getting any treasure ;). A rogue could take as much as he could carry without even mentioning it to the party.

  2. Bilbo had a contract that was vague on several points… 🙂

    The rogue isn’t stealing from the party because the treasure doesn’t belong to them yet anyway. That’s the hypertechnical roguish answer.

    The rogue player might be stealing from the other players, but players who know the difference between self and character have no real right to object. When they don’t, the GM might then have to step in. Otherwise all’s fair in a love and plunder. The rogue will usually get caught with his hand in the cookie chest and only then is it approprate for players to treat the rogue with distrust.

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