Brand Identity

Random Generation writes about an encounter he had wherein he told a delivery person that he played “D&D.”

His article about brand identity got me thinking about how my gaming group and I define ourselves as gamers. I used to play D&D, but then they changed what D&D was and what that name meant. Luckily the OGL allowed other publishers like Paizo to continue to produce great products in line with what I feel represents the idea of “D&D.”

I am currently running one campaign using the 3.5 rules with some modifications, this will be the last game of D&D that I ever run and likely the last that I will ever play. Heck, 3.5 isn’t even D&D anymore, it is just a relic of the past that WotC/Hasbro wishes we all would forget. The way that the d20 system works is something that I value in gaming, whenever I play a non-d20 game I always find myself being frustratingly disappointed by some task that is more difficult for the players/DM to resolve than it should/would be under a d20 derivative system. That being said my future gaming will be using Pathfinder, True20, or Mutants and Masterminds.

I used to play D&D, but that brand name is no longer associated with a product meets my needs as a gamer. I have grown tired of players wanting to use all the crazy high powered 3.5 supplements in a game that is supposed to be low powered, luckily no one I know owns The Book of Nine Swords. I am a gamer, but I do not play D&D. It would seem that none of the other players in my usual group play D&D anymore either though I do have my suspicions about a few being more than a bit interested in 4e.


~ by katallos on January 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Brand Identity”

  1. A few in your play group? Who ever would you be speaking of?!

    • Well there are a few who happen to own 4e books, but they make good use of them stabilizing wobbly computer desks and keeping closet shelves from floating off into space.

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