Sigh, more 4e nonsense

I stumbled across this little gem the other day and all I could do was emit an audible sigh and smack my face with my palm. Eighteen new at-will powers that have an effect even if they miss. Am I reading this right, an ability that you can use all the time as much as you want and it does something even if you MISS? Granted this is a 3rd party item, but part of what I dislike about 4e is the utter nonsense that it inspires: fixing a boat with backflips, abstracting combat with a skill challenge just to have combat at the end of the skill challenge, and now unlimited use powers that always do something even if you miss.

Part of 4e’s design philosophy is all about maximizing “fun” by ensuring that everyone has something to do. When you miss in combat you didn’t get to do anything to help win, and that is no fun so this product is right in line with those design goals. Why even roll dice and have random chance at all, just say that you always hit so that no one has to feel left out.


~ by katallos on January 15, 2010.

One Response to “Sigh, more 4e nonsense”

  1. Amen. The way I read it missing with an attack is what triggers these insipid little powers.

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