It is finished

Last night marked the end of my E6 campaign. The heroes gathered a powerful army and defeated the Demon Prince and his gnoll horde. During the battle the elf ranger/scout Urdaan was struck down by the demon’s hellfire.

Everyone seemed to have had a great time in this campaign and I was quite happy to actually finish a campaign before it fell apart on its own. I was able to see how far the characters came in regards to power as they plowed through 3 “Remror the Deathbringers” a previous mid game miniboss that almost killed the entire party as well as 15-20 standard SRD gnolls and one demon prince of gnolls. Story-wise I feel like I rushed things at points and I can see places where I will strive to improve the next time I run a game.

I’ll be passing the torch to another DM for a while and play in his Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords game. I’m looking forward to playing though I have no idea what kind of character I want to play. I’m quite partial to fighter and rogue though I have never played an arcane caster and the celestial bloodline for sorcerer looks interesting as does fighter or fighter/rogue going towards the duelist prestige class.

I have lost interest in running the d20 apocalypse game. It was heavily inspired by Borderlands which I have long since completed. I’ve also found an interest in the True20 system which is quite capable of handling an apocalypse game itself, but that’s not a direction I want to go right now. The current game idea bouncing around in my head right now is a Fusion Age scifi game that takes place in an asteroid belt that is being harvested for minerals. If all goes well with the Runelords, Arkenfall, and Eastern Spire Pathfinder games I’m playing in it may be a long time before I have a chance to run another game.


~ by katallos on January 31, 2010.

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