So long Dungeons and Dragons

A while back I talked about Brand Identity inspired by a similar post at Random Generation and I just finished up my D&D campaign last Saturday. Over the years I have had a great time with Dungeons & Dragons, but its time to move on. Pathfinder RPG picks up where 3.5 left off; it makes logical improvements to the core of the system while not throwing out what makes it great or adding in anything that is downright silly.

So I say so long Dungeons and Dragons. Its been a great run, and your spot on the shelf is well earned. I will always remember our time fondly, but now other games shall see their place at my table.


~ by katallos on February 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “So long Dungeons and Dragons”

  1. After my group finally gave up on 4e, I started pushing Pathfinder. They were resistant at first because they wanted to go back to “real D&D”(3.5). Once they realized that Pathfinder was the system that already knew there was no turning back. They loved it. With the exception of myself and one other older player(both starting in 1e), no one in the group(all of them under 20) had ever played anything but D&D 3.x until 4e came out. To the younger players and honestly to myself & the one older player 3.x was our favorite D&D system. Pathfinder was a natural continuation of what we already knew and enjoyed.

  2. Just out of curiosity what caused your group to give up on 4e?

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