Mounts, Mounted Combat, and Higher Levels

Mounted combat lets you negate a single hit per round against your mount provided your ride check exceeds the attacker’s to-hit roll. At low levels this is great, but in a recent game at 9th-11th level I found that enemies could easily hit my mount and their to-hit was in the high 30s. Now my character is specialized in mounted combat, has max ranks in ride as well as a campaign trait that gives a bonus to ride. Enemies get 2-3 attacks per round each and we are fighting quite a few at a time so my mount, an advanced dire hyena, gets hit all the time and ends up dropped at the end of many fights due to its rather low HP. My character is a ranger, but advanced dire hyena is not on the list of animal companions and even using the alternate animal companion rules from the d20srd my hyena (mechanically equivalent to a dire wolf in 3.5) would only be getting the first two levels of animal companion which while a boost would still leave it quite vulnerable in battle.

If I were playing a druid it would be a bit better. If I were a paladin I’d get a mount as a class feature. What about fighters and anyone else who wants to be a mounted character but not a druid, paladin, or ranger? Are they supposed to just upgrade to an increasingly unlikely exotic mount. Should I look for a dire lion or a dire tiger now that I am higher level or is there some way to improve a mount to keep it worth while at higher levels while not stepping on the toes of classes such as paladin who get a mount as a special class feature?


~ by katallos on March 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Mounts, Mounted Combat, and Higher Levels”

  1. A riding hyena? That is pretty wacky and cool. Maybe you DM would let you take a feat to make it work as an animal companion (and maybe give you an additional mounted combat roll)?

    As another option, can you get some magical boosts for your mount?

  2. The hyena was actually the DM’s idea. My character is a gnoll and he said that a gnoll riding a horse seemed kind of silly so he suggested the hyena. My mount was significantly under geared for the level we were playing at, I spent all my money on my character and completely neglected my mount. Since the mount is an integral part of the character it does need some more consideration when gear is bought. Thanks for the tip.

  3. You should find yourself a nice Smilodon. 🙂

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