Preview of Coming Attractions

Looks like there is going to be an open DMing slot popping up in the next couple of weeks and my mystic DM mojo is fully recharged from taking the last few months off. I’ve started talking about my next game which will be a Mutants and Masterminds 1e campaign with an interesting combination of elements taken from Fable, Jedi Knight Academy, Overlord, Exalted and a few others.

The basic premise is going to revolve around the existence of “Heroes” with a capital “H”; beings who are superior to mere mortals due to their ability to draw supernatural power from the forces of Strength, Skill, and Will. The setting is a fantasy world similar to the ones in Fable and Overlord where fairy tales are real and there is a certain degree of comedy to be had in the landscape as well as the behavior of the inhabitants. Taken from Jedi Knight Academy is the training aspect where the Heroes are young apprentices to a more powerful Hero and through the course of their adventures will be able to graduate and become real Heroes in their own right.

I find that the flexible, effects based nature of character ability in Mutants and Masterminds is ideal for this sort of game and I have already gotten my players on board with the setting and have seen some really good concepts so far. One player is going to be the Paladin, he has superior defenses, the ability to detect evil, a powerful sword attack, and his weakness is his code that prohibits him from knowingly committing an evil act. I like the way the character turned out it is the essence of the Paladin class/archetype, but has a lot more flexibility than in other d20 based games. Another player is going to be an expert archer and has the ability to run up walls and do all that Legolas type stuff that is often virtually impossible to pull off in Pathfinder. These two represent the Strength and Skill power and two other players are planning on playing Heroes of Will though I have not seen completed character sheets they are coming up with some neat ideas such as the Blind Seer and a master of blades who can defend himself by commanding swords to hover around his body and deflect incoming attacks.

I have been thinking about what made my d20 future campaign a few years back so memorable and I have had many discussions with members of my gaming group to try and pin point what it was that made that game so good. One of the things that I think helped that game was that everyone was on the same page from the start and knew what the world was like. I based the game off of a combination of Mass Effect and Starship Troopers with a single mega corporation controlling much of the galaxy. I think that by using many of the elements from Fable I can recapture that same dynamic and get everyone on the same page like using a very Mass Effect type setting did in the past.


~ by katallos on June 3, 2010.

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  1. Sounds like fun to be had by everyone, even those of us just reading about it 🙂

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