A long sword by anyother name

Having taken a couple months off of DMing I had no real reason to look at d20pfsrd. Now that I’m back in a DMing mindset, eventhough I’m not running Pathfinder I have been poking around there and must say that I am quite disappointed by the sheer amount of extra bloat that has made its way there.

Most of my annoyance comes from the new weapons. Seriously do we really need more than 20 different types of arrows with only slight mechanical differences between them or the terbutje which is basically a macuahuitl. The metal version is identical to a long sword in all but price, it is more expensive. Is there really a need for all these extra weapons that are mechanically very similar if not identical to existing weapons? Why not just “re-skin” a long sword to fit the flavor of an Aztec style character? The armored kilt is another bothersome piece, it is armor that stacks with other armor, something that is not supposed to happen. There is parade armor which is simply studded leather in all but flavor text.

I’ve always felt that more books does not mean more fun. You simply cannot keep adding stuff without 90% of it being redundant or rendering previous material obsolete. Some cool things that were added is the adventurer’s sash, masterwork backpack, and wayfinder. They offer unique advantages over other gear while not being clearly superior. I especially like the masterwork backpack as it provides an intermediate step between the standard backpack and the haversack in terms of storage capacity and will definitely be invaluable in a low or no magic campaign.

I figure that this stuff wouldn’t get written if people didn’t like it enough to buy the books that contain it so what do you think about all this equipment bloat?


~ by katallos on June 7, 2010.

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