If you are starting a new campaign I strongly recommend picking up the Kingmaker Adventure Path. My group recently finished the first major plot arc of the campaign and we have been having a lot of fun with it.

The basic idea behind the adventure path is that you have been sent to reclaim an area south of of Brevoy known as the “stolen lands.” To accomplish this task you need to actually explore and map the region, suppress bandit activity, and deal with some hostile wildlife as well. The exploration aspect is something that is really neat, players are given a sheet of paper with hexes on it and get to create their own map based on the DMs description of what is in each 12 mile hex. This aspect makes the game feel like it is constantly growing as you get to see a nearly blank sheet of hex paper become a map of this untamed region which you eventually conquer and become the rulers of.

The kingdom building rules are pretty interesting and we have only just scratched the surface of what we can really do with the system. Your fledgling kingdom begins with a single city and you must determine who will fill key leadership positions as well as what actions the kingdom will take so that you can improve economy, loyalty, and stability while maintaining a healthy amount of build points so that your kingdom can grow and prosper.

I must say that this adventure path is definitely what I have been looking for from a table top RPG for a long time. Kingmaker fulfills my desire to have my character have an actual effect on the world around him whether for good or bad. Historically I have not really liked pre-made adventures, but Kingmaker is very well written and has let a rather inexperienced DM run a game that has been one of the most enjoyable that I have ever played in.

In conclusion BUY KINGMAKER


~ by katallos on June 27, 2010.

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