This is going to be GREAT!

I may have mentioned this before. My greatest achievement as a DM was a game of d20 Future that lasted several months and took the party from 1st to 6th level. The basic premise of world, perhaps galaxy or universe is the better term here, was that there is a Human Federation, based on the government in Starship Troopers, headquartered on the human homeworld of Terra and that a massive interstellar conglomerate called The Corporation (capital “T” capital “C”) was more or less in charge of things outside of that although there was some degree of government oversight. Technology was somewhere around the level seen in the Mass Effect series, although conventional firearms were still the norm for personal scale combat. Other races existed as aliens from other worlds including the Moradin (Dwarves), Larethians (Elves), Sh’non (War Forged), and Orcs and Goblins as more or less orcs and goblins but in space. Dwarves and Elves were a tech level ahead of humans while the the Sh’non were deeply philosophical about their status as constructs that live and think, orcs had enslaved the goblins and just went around space raiding colonies and drinking beer.

In addition to a pretty rich and detailed world the party dynamic was great. We had the charismatic captain Hecatoncheires “Hek” Malloy, the alcoholic renagade pilot Loki Jenson, the brilliant gun-toting scienties Evelyn Trevor, the Moradin doctor Porkbeard Gleeson, a Larethian who they found on some desolate rock, and a rather poorly played Sh’non named 86 who liked to use chainsaw swords and thirsted for battle (his player missed the whole philosophical bit and went for the killer robot angle).

All my DMing notes as well as equipment charts and work-in-progress for this campaign is available for download HERE. The finished campaign notes are in .PDF format and the supporting material is mostly in Open Office formats.

Anyways at least three of the players from this game are going to reprise their roles with a few changes in my Wings over Acaxochitl campaign set in 1930s Mexico. Recapturing that dynamic and having a good setting is going to ensure that this upcoming campaign will be quite memorable, but will definitely have a life of its own due to the character updates as well as the change in both system and setting.


~ by katallos on July 26, 2010.

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