Playtest: Wings Over Acaxochitl

I got to run a brief playtest of the vehicle combat system copied adapted from Star Wars Saga Edition. Initial impressions were pretty good, but a few suggestions were made by players and a couple of things were noticed by me as well:

* Damage should be expressed as DCs rather than damage bonuses.

* Missiles should get additional iterative attacks at -2, -4, -8

* Missiles should be able to be targeted and destroyed before they hit. They will be dimunitive in size at aircraft scale, with an appropriate dexterity score and toughness bonus.

* Vehicle scale should be adjusted so that “huge” is the new “medium” thus negating size penalties to defense and attacks, Dexterity scores should be adequately adjusted down as well. This also allows for truly gigantic zeppelins in the “colossal”, “awesome”, and new “terrain” categories.

* Pilots may use the more advantageous of their dexterity or their plane’s dexterity for both attack rolls and defense scores.

These changes should serve to speed up play and make aerial combat both more interesting mechanically and more exciting thematically.


~ by katallos on August 3, 2010.

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