Saturday Night Gaming

The DM of our regular Saturday game wanted to take a day off so we got to play a 10th level module instead of the usual game, we also ended up with two extra players so it was a very different gaming experience. I don’t recall the name of the module, but it involved fighting a bunch of giants in a castle in the clouds and I believe it was written by Monte Cook.

Since it was going to be a one time thing I decided to try playing a different class than usual, this time I decided to play a Bard. I just couldn’t get into the musical thing so I decided to use oratory as my performance skill and fashioned my actions and personality after that of an Imperial Commissar . Inspiring courage and punishing cowards. I also took leadership as we originally did not have a healer so I had a 8th level cleric cohort who thanks to the nobility domain also had leadership and a 6th level fighter cohort. The two extra players joined late so I had already made up three characters and decided to use them anyways bringing our party to 8 player characters played by 6 players. One player scored repeated, like 9 in 8 rounds, critical hits with his long bow and we really breezed through the encounters due in part to the large party and some really good luck. All in all it was pretty fun, but I must say that I don’t particularly enjoy higher level play.


~ by katallos on August 8, 2010.

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